Compatible with 5KHz enable device

In terms of comfort, chest straps will never get a thumb up across the board, especially for females. Chest straps wrap snugly around the chest at the sternum, and if they're not tight enough, they can slide down or wiggle out of place. Repositioning them while you're in motion is tough. A bad one can chafe your skin, too, and they're poor at providing visual feedback because you can't see them. Therefore, TX-R2R must be a good replacement for the chest belt heart rate monitor. With low frequency optical technology, it will not influence our human body. Also, TX-R2R is much easier to wear, you can adjust them quickly even while you're in motion, and they don't cause chafing. In general, you will have a better training experience with this TX-R2R device. There is no need to worry about the inconvenient or even the visually uncomfortable.